Friday, 2 August 2013

Will these Greyhound Mugs Race Off the Shelves?

If you love greyhounds, you'll love these fine bone china mugs, made in the Staffordshire Potteries, featuring Skozi the Greyhound in a black design on a white background. They are the latest addition to my range joining Coco the Cat and Donkey.

Great gift idea for greyhound lovers
Is this what you call a mug shot?

Skozi, known as Pooh to his friends (short for Pooh-Bah, after the Mikado character) is a 6 six year old retired racer. He was a Poole Stadium dog, rehomed by the Dorset RGT three years ago and he's ruled my life ever since. He still enjoys a good run on the beach or open field but is a complete couch potato at all other times.

Perfect for making a dog's dinner
Great for making a right dog's dinner

The mugs are an addition to Skozi the Greyhound cushions, aprons and tea towels. Click here to see more